About Us

Hello, my name is Blanca, La Nail Enthusiast.  

I am elated to be able to share my love of nail art and decorations with you.  I am originally from SoCal, but live in the great state of Texas. I often say I am a SoCal girl living in a Texas world and loving it. I am Blessed to have met my soulmate and Hero 17 years ago. Together we have five beautiful and wonderful kids, ranging from the ages of young adults to toddlers. 

I have always gravitated towards the creative hobbies.  I love to create beautiful spaces within in my home, party planning, paper crafting, vinyl work, baking, and now Nail Creations.  Although, I am not yet a Licensed Technician, one of my goals is to get licensed in year 2022. I am also a Fur-Momma, I have always been an animal lover and love our two pooches Hoaggie and Honey.


La Nail Enthusiast is a Blessing in disguise. 

La Nail Enthusiast online store flourished due to the current health and safety concerns of Covid-19. My Tiendita is a place where beautiful pieces of nail art such as Charming Charms and other products will be offered for nail creations and decorations. Needing to stay home because of our Baby Girl Amara, who was born with a Congenital Heart Defect since birth, I found myself overwhelmed with being a stay at home mom, home chores, meal planning, etc. Creating beautiful Nails has been very therapeutic, stress reliving, and it gave my second  eldest daughter and myself Mommy and Daughter time. 


How did "La Nail Enthusiast" Start?

During the year of 2020 when the pandemic began a lot of local small businesses where shut down, especially those in the beauty industry, such as Nail Salons.  My then 17 year old daughter enjoyed getting her nails done  and the shutdown  made this impossible for her. So she decided to purchase a "beginner friendly" Nail Kit from Amazon, but neither did she or I know how to use the products in the kit. My daughter asked me one day to help her apply acrylic on her non-dominant hand.  I loved it so much that the only thing I wanted to do was to breathe and eat Nail topics, videos, blogs, Pins, etc. After searching online for some unique charms I realized there was not many Charms/Nail decorations that reflected my culture. So, I found this as an opportunity to provide what I needed and wanted not only for myself, but for others as well.


What is the "#NailRealm ™" ?

The #nailrealm ™ is an Uplifting and Supportive space for all Nail Creators, whether you are Licensed or an Enthusiast. It's a space where we up lift one another, show support for one another, and  learn from one another. My goal is to continue to expand and make this space a place where we help one another grow in the #nailrealm ™ as an enthusiast or a professional.  


With in the #Nailrealm ™ there will be Licensed and Non-Licensed individuals offering their experiences on what has worked for them while working with Nail Supply and Nail Chemicals. What you decide to try will be on your own accord. 



Currently, the LNE La Nail Enthusiast team are myself and my Husband.  We feel so blessed to share with y'all our exciting #nailrealm journey. 

Stay Blessed.